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Summer Sunset Original Alcohol Ink Painting

Summer Sunset Original Alcohol Ink Painting

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Summer Sunset is an original alcohol ink landscape painting of a colorful sunset of yellow, orange and pink, that overlooks water, a grassy field and birch trees.  In “Summer Sunset,” a breathtaking alcohol ink painting captures the essence of a tranquil evening in nature.  Towering birch trees stand tall against a backdrop of a grassy field, and water, their slender trunks adorned with vibrant splashes of color that evoke warmth and splendor of a summer sunset.  As the sun dips below the horizon, it bathes the landscape in a golden glow, casting long shadows that stretch across the verdant meadow.  The scene is alive with the quiet beauty of nature, inviting the viewer to pause and savor the fleeting moment of serenity and stillness.  With each brushstroke, “Summer Sunset” captures the magic of a summer evening, transporting the observer to a place of tranquility and wonder amidst the colorful birch trees and lush greenery.  Done on Yupo paper with alcohol inks.

Hand painted, original landscape signed by artist Pam Morgan. Alcohol Ink Painting done with alcohol inks on yupo paper with UV varnish seal and double white matte. White frame made out of plexiglass and synthetic wood with glass cover. Painting size is 11x14
Painting size: 11x14
Framed size: 16x20

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