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My Resting Place Original Acrylic Landscape Painting

My Resting Place Original Acrylic Landscape Painting

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My Resting Place is an original landscape painting depicting a tattered boat that has washed ashore on a beach. You can almost feel the water hitting the rocks behind the boat, and coming in more calmly into the shore. It is a place to find refuge from the daily pressures of life. The sea's horizon line almost gives a sense that there are multiple possible positive outcomes. Bring the peace and tranquility of the sea waves against the shore into your home with this original matted and framed piece of art. Done with brushes and palette knife.

Hand painted, original landscape signed by artist Pam Morgan. Acrylic painting on 140 lb paper with UV varnish seal, with white matte. White frame made out of plexiglass and synthetic wood with HD plastic cover. Painting size: 11x14
Painting size: 11x14
Framed size: 16x20

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