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Mum's Day Original Mixed Media Floral Painting

Mum's Day Original Mixed Media Floral Painting

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Mum's Day is an original floral painting of two pink, orange and white colored mums with white detailed linework and greenery, in a triangle glass vase made of blue, yellow, orange and red colors.  This beautiful floral arrangement sits a round, magenta table against a charcoal background.  Done in acrylics and pens.

Hand painted, original floral signed by artist Pam Morgan.  Mixed media painting done in acrylics and pens on 140 lb. paper with UV varnish seal, and white matte.  White frame made out of plexiglass and synthetic wood with HD plastic cover.  Painting size is 8x10.

Painting size:  8x10

Framed size:  11x14

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