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Hydrangea Explosion Original Alcohol Ink Floral Painting

Hydrangea Explosion Original Alcohol Ink Floral Painting

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Hydrangea Explosion is an original alcohol ink floral painting of purple and pink hydrangeas, and greenery.  In this enchanting alcohol ink painting, doodle-style hydrangeas take center stage, their delicate petals unfurling in shades of purple and pink anchored with lush greenery.  Each bloom is a testament to nature’s beauty, its intricate details rendered with playful spontaneity and whimsical charm.  Amidst the profusion of hydrangeas, lush gree foliage rises and complements the scene, providing a sense of depth and balance to the composition.  As the eye explores the painting, it’s drawn into a world where imagination ad reality intertwine, inviting the viewer to lose themselves in the captivating beauty of nature captured in doodle-style form.  Done on Yupo paper with alcohol and India inks.

Hand painted, original floral painting signed by artist Pam Morgan.  Alcohol ink painting  with UV varnish seal, and white matte.  White frame is made of plexiglass and synthetic wood with glass cover.  Painting size is 5x7.

Painting size:  5x7

Framed size:  8x10

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