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Flower Explosion Original Floral Alcohol Ink Painting

Flower Explosion Original Floral Alcohol Ink Painting

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Flower Explosion is an original floral painting of three purple flowers, one in full frontal view, and two smaller coneflower-like ones.  Each flower has beautiful, flowing purple, semi-translucent petals, with white and purple details in their centers.  These flowers were painted with alcohol inks on a clear matte paper.  The abstract background of blue and yellow was done on the reverse side of the paper.

Hand painted, original floral painting signed by artist Pam Morgan.  Painting is done in alcohol inks on both sides of clear matte paper with UV Varnish seal.  White frame is made of beveled wood and glass.  Painting size is 9x9.

Painting size:  9x9

Framed size:  10x10

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