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Daybreak or Sunset Original Alcohol Ink Painting

Daybreak or Sunset Original Alcohol Ink Painting

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Daybreak or Sunset is an original alcohol ink landscape painting of the sun rising or setting on a field of three sunflowers. In this enchanting painting, the viewer is drawn into a mesmerizing close-up of sunflowers standing tall in a vast field.  Each blossom, a burst of vibrant yellow and orange, seems to glow with an inner light, casting a warm and inviting aura over the scene.  The delicate petals catch the subtle play of light, hinting at the mystery of whether it’s the soft hues of daybreak or rich tones of sunrise that bathe the landscape.  The air is alive with a sense of anticipation, as if the sunflowers themselves are awaiting the arrival of a new day or bidding a farewell to the fading light.  The surrounding foliage bathed in shadows, adds depth and contrast to the composition, enhancing the sense of depth and immersion in this captivating moment. The artist capture the timeless beauty and quiet allure of nature, inviting the viewer to lose themselves in the enchanting dance of light and color among the sunflowers. Done on Yupo paper with alcohol inks.

Hand painted, original landscape signed by artist Pam Morgan. Alcohol Ink Painting is done with alcohol inks on yupo paper with UV varnish seal and white double matte. White frame made out of plexiglass and synthetic wood with glass.
Painting size: 11x14
Framed size: 16x20

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