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Being Out At Sunset Original Watercolor Painting

Being Out At Sunset Original Watercolor Painting

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Being Out At Sunset is an original animal painting of a sheep with soft, wavy, white wool coat in a colorful, flower and grassy field. There is one tree back in the distance and another tree line. The sun is setting with vibrant colors of pink, yellow and orange. The sheep is alone, but he seems to be okay with that. Almost prefers that after a long day. Bring this sheep scene into your home with this original matted and framed piece of art. Done with brushes.

Hand painted, original animal painting signed by artist Pam Morgan. Painting is done with watercolors on 140 lb paper with UV varish and white matte. White frame is made out of plexiglass and synthetic wood with HD plastic cover. Painting size is 8x10.
Painting size: 8x10
Framed size: 11x14

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